A new MAT with a unique approach and structure


New newsletter – Our first Trust newsletter can be read here.

New schools – We are pleased to announce that Abbey Park School formally joined the Trust on 1st October 2018.

We currently anticipate that Red Oaks Primary School will complete the same process on 1st November 2018. In addition, we are also delighted that a further school has decided to begin a formal consultation on joining the Trust in the near future.

Get into Teaching! – Our two trust secondary schools are at the forefront of a new Trust initiative to boost secondary initial teacher training in Swindon. Working with three other leading Swindon schools (St Joseph’s Catholic College, Highworth Warneford School and The Commonweal School) we have launched the Swindon Teacher Training Partnership. Know someone who is thinking about teacher training? Click for more information here and visit our new STTP website.

Trust results update 2018 – Read about the success of Lydiard Park Academy and Abbey Park pupils here.

We all know that the government’s vision for education is one of full academisation. But what if you’re a ‘good’ school and worried that becoming an academy or joining a MAT will weaken, not strengthen, what you already do? Or, perhaps you’re in need of support to reach ‘good’ and are looking for a trust that will help you find the answers, but can’t find one that will also reward your progress and give you the chance to grow?

The Park Academies Trust is setting out to be different. Not only is it rooted in the expertise of a school that has ‘made the journey’ but our new trust recognises the uniqueness of each school’s situation through the twin-track approach it offers.



For ‘good’ schools looking for shared ‘core’ services, a SIP-type consultancy approach to help you move from ‘good to great’, and enhanced opportunities for you and your staff.



For schools aiming to reach ‘good’, requiring a bespoke plan of educational support as well as access to shared ‘core’ services and, in time, the chance to acquire partner status

So what’s our plan?

“We’re at the start of our journey, actively seeking like-minded schools”

Our vision is to build a trust that makes a significant contribution to improving education in Swindon and surrounds. We know the answers to most school’s needs already exist – we just need to build the right structure……read more

This starts with a discussion about how to maximise your benefit from joining the trust. By establishing your ‘baseline’ we can identify how the trust could help you get from ‘good to great’, what you might contribute to the trust and how joining could create financial efficiencies for you.
Through discussion we will develop an action plan with milestones for success that plots our route to making ‘good’ the consistent standard in your school. We will also explore the financial efficiencies membership could bring, that should help fund the enhanced educational support we would provide. Agreeing an action plan is a key step in joining the trust.

Funding the trust

All schools will be required to contribute to the cost of providing a shared central core of services, including educational support. Member schools pay more in return for greater educational support, kept in place until they achieve partner status.